Principle of mesotherapy:

Mesotherapy is a non-invasive procedure to inject a substance composed of vitamins, plant-derived active agents and enzymes. Dr. Lucas has a range of about 30 mesotherapies, with specific properties and treatment areas, which can be combined with each other.

Mesotherapy can improve hydration, increase cell renewal, collagen production and elastin for firmer, younger and brighter skin. It can also be injected into the hair to improve thickness and shine.

Indications of mesotherapy:

  • Improvement of skin hydration, shine and texture on the face and neck
  • Treatment of fine lines and pigment spots
  • Improvement of the color of dark circles
  • Increased hair density, thickness and shine
  • Treatment of cellulite


An appropriate anesthesia is performed and then mesotherapy is injected with microneedles (similar to those used for Botox®) every 5 mm into the superficial dermis.


Time to final results: 3 – 6 weeks
Longevity of results: 6 months

Before the procedure :

Do not take Aspirin 10 days before surgery, inform Dr. Lucas of any anticoagulant medication (Sintrom, Coumadin, Eliquis, etc…) in order to arrange for its discontinuation or replacement.
Take Arnica capsules 5 times a day for 5 days before the operation if you are prone to bruising.

Procedure :

Pain: the pain during the intervention will be almost non-existent, with an adapted anesthesia
Duration of the procedure: 60 minutes
Anesthesia: topical by cream or local by nerve blocks
Location: office
Outpatient (without hospitalization)

After the procedure :

Post-operative pain: no
Social eviction: no (sometimes small hematomas for a few days)
Return to work: immediate
Return to sport: 2-3 days

Instructions :

Take Arnica 5 capsules 5 times a day for 5 days after surgery to prevent hematoma
Control Dr Lucas 3 weeks.


Infection, hematoma
Nerve or vessel damage