The masseter is an accessory masticatory muscle, located at the angle of the jawbone. In some patients, it may be hypertrophic and therefore abnormally thick, giving the jaw a square appearance. The injection of botox ® into the masseters significantly reduces its thickness, thus slimming the face and giving it a V shape.

Botox ® injected at conventional doses, by decreasing the muscle contraction signal, corrects the state of muscle hypercontraction responsible for wrinkles. When injected in larger quantities, it creates an atrophic effect on the muscle and reduces its thickness.

Warning :

Only doctors, with a practice authorization, can inject Botox ® in Switzerland. The laboratories selling it are only authorized to sell it to doctors with a license. There are many counterfeits that can endanger your body.

Technique :

Selective injection of botox in the masseter muscles, under local anesthesia.

Results :

Final results: within 15 days
Longevity of results: 6-9 months

Before injection:

Inform Dr. Lucas of any anticoagulant medication (Sintrom, Coumadin, Eliquis, etc..) or Aspirin, special attention will be given during the injections to avoid small vessels and prevent hematoma
Take Arnica capsules 5 times a day for 5 days before surgery to prevent hematoma if taking anticoagulants or Aspirin
Contraindications: myasthenia, neuromuscular diseases, pregnancy, breastfeeding


Pain: no, with an experienced injector
Duration of procedure: 15 minutes
Anesthesia: no
Location: office
Outpatient (without hospitalization)

After the procedure:

Post-injection pain: no
Social eviction: no
Return to work: immediate
Return to sports: 48h

Avoid sauna, hammam, hot shower and massage of the injection areas for 48 hours
Stop smoking to prolong the effect of Botox
Check-up by Dr Lucas 2 weeks

Complications common to all injections :

– Infection, hematoma, asymmetry, under-correction
– Diffusion into adjacent muscles: lowering of the labial commissure

Alternatives and operations that can be combined:

If you wish to have a “V line” appearance of the face with a sharpened lower face, this injection in the masseters can be combined with a filler injection of the jawline, a bichectomy in order to reduce the width of the face and with an augmentation of the cheekbones with filler.

Botox® masseter
Botox® masseter


Botox® masseter
Botox® masseter and temples filler


V-line by bichectomy, Botox ® masseter and Kybella ® for double chin
“V-line” by buccal fat removal (bichectomy) and Botox ® masseter


Combinaison of multiple treatments, including Botox ® masseter


Botox ® masseter