Ideal anatomy and proportions:

The ideal cervico-facial angle is close to 105-120°), a criterion of a young neck. It can close with the appearance of excess fat or excess skin. Excess skin is often best treated with a neck lift, while excess fat can be treated with Kybella® injections if it is moderate or with liposuction if it is significant.

The Renuvion ® (or “J plasma”), similar to the Vaser ®, is a latest generation device combining the properties of Helium gas with the effectiveness of Radio Frequency (RF) energy to create a double thermal effect. This combination will create a retraction of the skin. It does not generate additional scars to those of liposuction. Dr. Lucas uses the MicroAire® liposuction equipment, which is the reference in terms of liposuction equipment, used in many university hospitals in Switzerland and around the world. With its microvibrating technology (“PAL”: power-assisted liposuction), the MicroAire® allows for a more efficient, faster and less traumatic liposuction, allowing for a faster recovery to the patient.


2 to 3 microincisions of 3-4 mm, infiltration of local anesthesia, then liposuction with Micro-Air® (vibrating liposuction cannulas for maximum efficiency) and then application of Renuvion ® through the same microincisions.


Time frame for final results: After a 3-5 day social eviction (hematoma, moderate swelling), significant results can be seen in 2-3 weeks. The retraction effect of Renuvion ® will be fully appreciable at 3 months, after total disappearance of swelling.

Longevity of results: definitive, if weight is maintained stable

Before surgery:

Stop smoking at least 2 weeks before surgery
Do not take Aspirin 10 days before surgery, inform Dr. Lucas of any anticoagulant medication (Sintrom, Coumadin, Eliquis, etc..) to arrange for its discontinuation or replacement.
Take Arnica capsules 5 times a day for 5 days before the operation if you are prone to bruising.

Intervention :

Pain: the pain during the intervention will be almost non-existent, with an adapted anesthesia
Duration of the operation: 60 minutes
Anesthesia : local
Location: operating room
Ambulatory (without hospitalization)

After the operation:

Post-operative pain: 1/10, with appropriate analgesia
Social eviction: hematoma and swelling for 3-5 days
Return to work: 3-5 days
Return to sport: 7 days

Instructions :

Ice for 1 week as often as possible, to reduce swelling.
Take Arnica capsules 5 times a day for 5 days after surgery to prevent hematoma.
Wear a compression for 5 days day and night, 2 weeks night

Check-up by Dr Lucas 1 week, 3 weeks, 3 months and 6 months.


Infection, hematoma
Dysesthesia, paresis marginal branch of mandibular nerve
Nerve or vessel lesion
Skin surface irregularities

Alternatives and operations that can be combined:

In the presence of moderate excess fat without excess skin, the injection of Kybella® can be an interesting alternative. When there is significant excess fat without excess skin, the ideal solution is liposuction.
When there is significant excess skin, a surgical facelift is the preferred option.
A liposuction of the neck can be combined with an injection of jawline acid and the correction of a receding chin or “retrogenia” to enhance the result.


Renuvion ®


Dualplane face and necklift, neck liposuction and full face fat transfer


Neck liposuction


Neck liposuction with Renuvion (J Plasma)


Neck liposuction with Renuvion (J Plasma)