Anatomy and ideal proportions :

The jawline marks the border between the cheek and the neck. A well-defined jawline is a symbol of masculinity in men and a criterion of youthfulness in women.

Jawline contouring with hyaluronic acid consists of injecting a dense filler along the jawbone, thus angulating the jawline and accentuating its relief.

The injection technique is different for women and men. In women, the product is injected without increasing the width of the jaw from the front, with an open angle between 123° and 130°, while in men, in order to make the jawline more virile, the width of the jaw from the front is voluntarily widened and a more closed angle is drawn between 90 and 96°.


Only doctors, with a practice authorization and a civil liability insurance, can inject hyaluronic acid in Switzerland. Laboratories selling hyaluronic acid are only authorized to sell it to doctors with a license. There are many counterfeits that can endanger your body, some of which cannot be corrected by Hyaluronidase. In addition, an intravascular injection (into a vessel) can have dramatic consequences: necrosis, blindness.


Topical anesthesia and filling with the cannula, which, with its smooth, non-sharp tip, allows for a less painful injection with less hematoma.


Time to results: immediate

Longevity of results :

9 to 15 months depending on the product and on the patients (great variability). We note a more important resorption of hyaluronic acid in smokers.

Before the injection:

Inform Dr. Lucas of any anticoagulant medication (Sintrom, Coumadin, Eliquis, etc.) or Aspirin, special attention will be paid during the injections to avoid small vessels and prevent hematomas and for certain injections, a relay will be organized if medically possible
Take Arnica capsules 5 times a day for 5 days before the operation if you are prone to hematoma

Contraindications: autoimmune diseases, pregnancy, breastfeeding, previous silicone injection on the same site


Pain: pain during the procedure is almost non-existent, with an adapted anesthesia
Duration of the procedure: 45 minutes
Anesthesia: local or topical
Location: office
Outpatient (without hospitalization)

After the procedure:

Post-injection pain: no
Social eviction: no (except if hematoma, which can be minimized with the use of a cannula and minimal swelling between 1 and 4 days depending on the patient)
Return to work: immediate
Return to sport: 48 hours

Avoid anti-inflammatory drugs and smoking for 48 hours
Ice for 48 hours to reduce swelling
Stop smoking for good to prolong the effect of the hyaluronic acid
Massage areas the next day if you feel irregularities or hard areas for 1 week
Arnica capsules 5 capsules 5 times a day for 5 days after injection if hematoma
Dr Lucas check-up 2 weeks

Complications common to all injections:

– Infection, hematoma, asymmetry, under- or over-correction
– Intravascular injection: necrosis, blindness

Combination and alternatives:

If there is an associated excess of fat (“double chin”), a treatment with Kybella ® can be performed at the same time as the jawline to enhance the result.
An injection of fat from the jawline instead of hyaluronic acid can be interesting, but it is often necessary to do 1 to 3 sessions because of the natural resorption of the fat.

The treatment of a receding chin or “retrogenia” can be done at the same time as the jawline to restore the harmony of the face.
If you want a V-shaped appearance of the face(“V line”) with a sharpened lower face, the jawline injection can be combined with a botox injection in the masseter in order to reduce the width of the face, a bichectomy and a cheekbone injection with hyaluronic acid


Chin and jawline filler


Lifting and jawline by fillers


Jawline by filler (2 x 3 ml)


Filler for jawline & lips


Profiloplasty by filler (chin, jawline, cheekbone & nasolabial folds)


Buccal fat removal and jawline filler


Jawline by filler