Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery in Geneva

Located in the center of Geneva, our clinic Dr Lucas Plastic Surgery is dedicated to all aspects of cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine. FMH specialist in reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery,

Dr. Lucas combines the latest surgical and aesthetic medicine techniques with the highest standards of quality and safety and strives to bring patients the desired results, with minimal downtime and maximum results. Contact us today at our cosmetic surgery practice in Geneva to schedule a consultation.

“Swiss and Korean excellence at the service of your beauty”

Dr Dominique Lucas - Plastic and aesthetic surgeon in Geneva

Born in Seoul, trained mainly at the CHUV (University Hospital of Lausanne) and former University Chief Resident, Dr. Lucas holds the Federal FMH title in reconstructive and aesthetic surgery and the European EBOPRAS diploma in reconstructive and aesthetic surgery.

Dr. Lucas completed his entire training in plastic and cosmetic surgery at the CHUV and obtained the federal and European diplomas in plastic surgery as well as numerous university degrees, before finally being appointed University Chief of Clinic. Ambidextrous, Dr. Lucas has the particularity of operating with both hands.

He completed his training in cosmetic surgery in leading clinics worldwide: in Paris, Lyon, Monaco, Seoul, Bangkok and Dubai, and finally settled in Geneva to practice cosmetic surgery of the face, breasts, body and private parts as well as aesthetic medicine.