Intimate rejuvenation by fractional CO2 laser:

Instead of abrading the entire vaginal mucosa, this partial ablative laser will create microscopic wells, leaving gaps of intact mucosa between each well (more or less wide and deep depending on the parameters chosen). When healing, these wells will close inducing a creation of collagen (regeneration of the mucosa, hydration and restructure of the mucosa) and elastin (tensor effect). The fractionation allows for a limited social eviction.

The Smartxide Touch ® DOT/RF CO2 laser is one of the latest innovations from Deka (2020), which has been a reference brand in laser for about thirty years.
Thanks to its Monalisa vaginal probe, it is used for vaginal tightening and hydration.

Results :

Time limit for final results: After a social eviction of 2 to 4 days, one can begin to feel a tightening and moisturizing effect at 2-3 weeks, but to see a significant effect one must wait 6-8 weeks. 2 to 4 sessions are often necessary.
Longevity of results: several years, depending on each patient

Before procedure:

Stop smoking at least 2 weeks before surgery (smoking decreases tissue micro-vascularization and compromises post-laser healing and collagen creation)
Do not take Aspirin 10 days before surgery, inform Dr. Lucas of any anticoagulant medication (Sintrom, Coumadin, Eliquis, etc..) to arrange for its discontinuation or replacement.

Contraindications (strict and relative):

Pregnancy, breastfeeding, history of hypertrophic scars, anticoagulant treatment, ongoing genital or urinary tract infection, significant genital prolapse, unexplored vaginal bleeding, history of cold sore

Procedure :

Pain: pain during the procedure will be almost non-existent, with an adapted anesthesia
Duration of procedure: 30 minutes
Anesthesia: local (application of cream 15 minutes before)
Location: office
Outpatient (without hospitalization)

After the procedure :

Post-operative pain: no pain, sometimes discomfort including itching that can be treated by Cetallerg
Social eviction: no sexual activity for 3-5 days
Return to work: immediate
Return to sport: 2-3 days

Follow-up :

In the 3 to 4 days following the fractional laser session, there may be vaginal bleeding: we advise putting a clean compress in your underwear for 3-4 days.
Showering is possible on the same day.
Local care with Vaseline once a day for 5 days, which will be explained to you by Dr Lucas

Dr. Lucas’ control 6 days, 6 weeks, 6 months.


Almost nonexistent if the contraindications are respected