Anatomy and ideal proportion :

Buttock augmentation can be performed by fat transfer (lipofilling) or by silicone implant.
Thin patients without fat reserves or patients who do not want to undergo surgery can opt for buttock augmentation with Hyacorp ® hyaluronic acid.

To correct a “hip dip”, i.e. a hollow in the side of the buttocks, 5 to 10 ampoules per side are usually required. To achieve a significant size increase, 15 to 25 ampoules per side are generally required.

The Hyacorp ® can also be used to correct hollows and irregularities of the skin that have been generated by surgical liposuction.


Hyacorp ® is the only hyaluronic acid authorized for buttock injections, silicone or Macrolane® are totally forbidden, but still used in some countries. Many counterfeits of Hyacorp® are circulating, only doctors with an authorization to practice can buy this product and inject it.

Technique :

Disinfection according to operating room conditions. Then, Dr. Lucas performs a local anesthesia at 1 to 2 entry points per side. Then, an infiltration with local anesthetic is performed before the injection of Hyacorp®, which is usually comfortable thanks to this anesthesia.

Results :

Time for final results: Immediate. After a period of swelling related to the infiltration of the anesthetic and related to the injection, the final result is obtained in 1 week.

Longevity of results :
18-24 months.

Before the operation:
Do not take Aspirin 10 days before surgery, inform Dr. Lucas of any anticoagulant medication (Sintrom, Coumadin, Eliquis, etc…) to arrange for its discontinuation or replacement.
Shower with Hibiscrub soap provided on the prescription 48 hours before.
Purchase before the procedure by you of a post-op girdle with a window (i.e. with a hole in the buttocks), which must be brought on the day of the procedure.

Intervention :

Duration of the procedure: 60 minutes
Anesthesia: local
Location: office
Hospitalization: no

After surgery:

Post-operative pain: 1/10, with appropriate analgesia.
Social eviction : no
Return to work: immediate
Return to sport: 1 week


Stop smoking permanently to minimize complications and especially to prolong the life of the Hyacorp®.
Check-up by Dr Lucas on day 7, 3 weeks, 3 months.
Preventive antibiotic therapy with Augmentin 1 g twice a day for 3 days.
Desinfection of the entry points for 3 days, twice a day with Merfen.
Shower possible the same day as the injection (avoid rubbing the entry points too hard).
For 3 days, avoid sitting for more than 30 minutes and sleep on your stomach.
Massage if the area feels hard, twice a day for 5 minutes, to be started after 3 days and continued until 2 weeks.
Wear a compression 5 days day and night, 5 days during the day.
Resume sports after 1 week.

Complications of Hyacorp ®

  • Hematoma, infection
  • Granulomas
  • Intravascular injection
Hip dip
Augmentation by Hyacorp


Non surgical buttock augmentation by Hyacorp


Non surgical buttock augmentation by Hyacorp


Non surgical buttock augmentation by Hyacorp


Buttock augmentation by fat transfer (500cc/side) and lower back & thighs high definition liposuction


Hybrid buttock augmentation by Hyacorp and fat, with back high definition liposuction


Hyacorp 15 vials/side


BBL (Buttock augmentation by fat with liposuction of back, thighs, love handles & saddlebags)


Breast lift with implants, tummy tuck, body liposuction & fat transfer to buttock (BBL)


Buttock augmentation by Hyacorp and HD lower back liposuction


Buttock augmentation by Hyacorp



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